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Top 5 HS Stereotypes That I Feel Are WRONG

As you know, almost every fandom has stereotypes about characters and can sometimes become how the fandom views a character. It turns out, Homestuck had a lot more of these characters than I thought it did. And I thought, why not blog about it? So, here are my Top 5 Characters I feel were ruined because of their stereotype.

All opinions are mine. These are in no particular order.

1.  Eridan Ampora

Eridan is possibly my first favorite troll when reading the series. One stereotype I hate was that he killed Feferi out of jealousy and hate because he got turned down. No, this is not why. I’ll take this straight from the wiki: Whilst hiding in the lab from with the other trolls, he comes to the conclusion that there is no hope left and informs both Feferi and Sollux of his plans to join Jack Noir. Feferi refuses an invitation to join him, and Sollux decides that he has to stop Eridan and challenges him to another duel. Sollux’s eye beams are no match for Eridan’s science wand and he is knocked out, and when Feferi attacks Eridan in retaliation, he kills her. I went back and checked: this is true. Sollux prompted the fight therefore Eridan attacking. Feferi joined in and Eridan killed her. Another stereotype, Eridan is a slut for quadrants. Uhm, no. There is no cannon page nor anything from Hussie that proves this. He wanted Feferi to vacillinate quadrants from pale to red, but she turned him down. End of story. Yes, he was disappointed, but he continued to live his life without bitching.

2. Jake English

Jake is…hmm. He’s okay. The one stereotype I CANNOT tolerate is that people think he is useless. No, he is not. One, his godtier is against him. Page’s take a LONG time to really find and manipulate their power. But when he does, his power will be immense. As stated by Dirk, “Hope channeled through a Page is a powerful thing”. He also prompted the death of many in ‘[S] GAME OVER’ and the solution to changing all that had happened. Overall, I feel Jake should not be bashed, but to be just treated like a normal character. He did nothing to deserve the hate he get’s.

3. Equius

Equius is possibly the best moirail in the entire series. He and Nepeta are the perfect example for the Pale quadrant, and you can’t tell me otherwise. The stereotype I would like to focus on right now is that he’s the weirdest, grossest, or just the worst troll out there. Again, uh, no. Yes, he often feels the need to ‘ask for a towel’. But that doesn’t mean he’s bad. He’s actually one of the better ones out there. One, he sacrificed himself for Nepeta. He ended up getting killed for the one he loved most: his moirail. Second: He cared for her. He suppressed her anger/hunting senses. Nepeta did that for Equius, too. She restrained his strength from hurting anyone without reason. Just remember: there are worst trolls out there.

4. AR

AR is Dirk’s 13 year old Autoresponder which can be even more of a jerk then he. People stereotype him to be sweet and shit. But…have you read the pesterlogs between him and others? He’s a jerk. A big jerk. Even Dirk say’s he hates him. He only prototyped him with Equius because he knew he needed it to be successful. To be honest, I never really liked him. Many have made cool fanart but that never really convinced me.

5. Jane

Jane’s a hot momma and no one can say otherwise. One stereotype I hate about Jane is that she’s plain, boring, etc. But to me, she’s probably one of the best Alpha kid in the group. She endured all that Jake/Dirk shit, and was still strong. She had a huge role in progressing Homestuck by becoming the Condesce’s pawn in her game. She caused the permanent death for many and helped prompt the rewriting of some of the story. She’s a very big part of Homestuck, from prompting the spread of dead bodies and new sprites, to killing characters.


And that’s the end of my rant! Please, comment and tell me your opinions!

One thought on “Top 5 HS Stereotypes That I Feel Are WRONG”

  1. Hey! Found this blog on G+ Fandoms United and thought I’d take a look.
    I agree with you on all of these(though I’m not yet past Act 6 Act 5 or whatever. Caliborn is still finding leprechauns). Keep posting stuff! I’ll give you the support I can and if you ever want to talk I’m here.

    A Dragon Who Loves Her Fandoms

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