Magi: Simply Enchanting

Magi is quite simply, enchanting! The manga first caught my eye while looking for One Punch.

In all honesty, I’ve already seen all the anime already! I enjoyed it a lot, so it’s probably in my top 10 list. Morgiana is my favorite.

Anyway, back to the actual review.

I’ve decided to read the manga that was the basis for the awesome anime, so here are my thoughts on Magi: Book One!

Magi is more-or-less based off of of the book “The Book of One Thousand and One Nights”, pulling names and characters from the book. Otherwise, it’s completely original!

2016-04-11 (2)

Published by Shonen Sunday, Magi follows our main protagonist Aladdin- a strange boy with blue hair and a magic flute. He appears suddenly and meets Alibaba, a man with a dream. And that dream is to conquer a Dungeon: a strange building that holds immense riches, rare artifacts, and best of all: an all powerful Djinn. But those who have gone before them have all died.

And this is where it get’s cool.

Aladdin has the typical mysterious back story. No one knows where Aladdin is from, or how her got there. The thing is, neither does he! He just kinda…poofs into the world. He does almost immediately bonds with Alibaba and becomes very attached to him. This is very important. So far, Alibaba is the only other person who knows a lot about Aladdin.

Getting away from plot stuff, I want to take about the art and character designs.

The art is very well done. It can go from simplistic to complex in one panel. Especially during fighting scenes, those are extremely well toned and handled with care. The facial expressions convey a lot, and there sure are a lot in this book! They go from the simple smile to pure devastation.


The characters are very simple and easy to remember. What lacks in design is made up in emotion and personality. For example, Aladdin. He wears a simple blue vest with bandages wrapped around his chest, a sash wrapped around his midsection, and baggy pants. He is also one of the most happiest and care free characters out there, while he can still be serious (and with a smile too!).

And last but not least, the comedy. It’s pure gold. I swear, it won me over from the first joke.

I would seriously consider buying the manga, or at least watching it. It get’s more intense and more interesting the more the plot develops.

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