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Cosplay Tips For Everyone

With Summer officially in full swing, that means convention time is right around the corner! And with conventions, cosplay usually comes along with it.

I myself will be going to a convention soon, and will be participating in the Cosplay festivities. All thanks to my mother’s wonderful dresses she made me for my Fran Bow and Morgiana cosplays, of course. And so for those of you thinking about cosplaying at your next convention, here are some tips to follow! I strongly suggest to follow these, especially if you’re new to the art of costume play.

1. Think of your cosplays beforehand.
Cosplay can be very easy, but time is always a pain in the butt. So plan a list of cosplays you want to do for your next convention. That gives you the time to eliminate some possibilities, refine others, and complete it all before the convention is even in sight! I myself was thinking of all the cosplays I wanted to do all throughout the school year, and even during my last convention. I would say to finalize your list at least 4-5 months before the convention. You of course could finalize way before this or a little after this, but unless you are fully capable of pulling several all-nighters in a row, do not finalize your list the month of. It is a bad idea, and you’ll probably use up a lot of money on caffeine.

2. Be prepared.
Once you’ve made a permanent list, start making lists of all materials and accessories needed for all cosplays, no matter how simple. If your making pieces by hand, try and find tutorial for harder items. If yours simply buying a costume, remember to check when the costume will arrive, who is providing the costume, and what size you chose as usually the costume will be Asian sizes instead of US sizes (Asian sizes run a size smaller than US). Check the credibility of the company or who’s providing the costume by researching on the Internet and checking reviews. Also try and ask other cosplayers for advice on who to trust.

3. Have a plan and create a schedule.
You have your materials and your tutorials, your pins and your needles. Now you just need a due date and you’re ready to work! If you are old enough to work, try and put in a little work everyday to speed up the process a little bit. If you’re in school, try and do some work on the weekends and ask for some help from an adult such as your mom or dad. Working to make something from scratch can be very taxing, so don’t push yourself too hard. Go slow and steady.

4. Go over everything and have backup plans.
You’ve finished your stitching, and your order has been processed. Now what do you do? Double checks your work, or course. Check all your cosplay material lists for anything you might have missed. There were times when I started to freak when I didn’t have something I needed for a cosplay, and I would hate to have anything like that happen to anyone, beginner or not. And in that case that your order won’t arrive in time, have a simple cosplay as a backup!  For example, a casual Kenma Kozume or a Nagisa Hazuki in PJs (both of whom I just so happen to be cosplaying). It never hurts to be prepared in the cosplaying world.

5. Have fun!
To get the most out of you hard work, have fun! Join a group of people who are cosplaying characters from the same anime as you, or hang out with friends from previous conventions. Attend some panels, or run one yourself! Go to meetups and get the full convention shabang!

I hope these 5 tips will help you in the future. I know they sure helped me. Till next time, have fun!

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