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Convention 101: 5 Tips to Help You Survive!

Convention time is upon us at last! But with the merch and the fun, the friends and the cosplay, comes the actual preparation and thought put into a trip like this. For beginners, parents, and everyone inbetween, here are some small tips that take you a long way.

1. Prepare beforehand.
Yeah, conventions are fun and all. But they aren’t fun when you aren’t prepared.
Since conventions usually deal with cash more often then not, grab a couple of some good ol’ dollar bills to keep with you at all times. You never know when you’ll need them.
Planning on bringing some complicated cosplays or are you simply too far away to drive there and back? Book a hotel room in advance. If the convention is help inside of the hotel, they usually have a special rate just for people going to the convention. They go on for awhile, but it’s much better to take advantage of it before you can forget.
Charge all electronic device you’ll be taking with you the night before. You don’t want to be left without a phone in a busy convention, do you?
See if any friends can come. Conventions fun when you spend them alone, but that fun can ten fold with friends around! Remember to plan around your schedules, and to finalize anything important (Hotel room or not? Cosplaying? Staying late?).
Those are just a few of the many ways to be prepared at a con that I felt were important, since I’ve been through this as well.
2. Pack your bags.
Even if you aren’t staying at a hotel, having a small bag with essentials is always a good idea. Here are a suggestions of things to pack:
– A portable phone charger or a cord + plug. If your running low on juice, you can either turn to the handy dandy wall plug or your own personal charger!
– Snacks. These little suckers help out a bunch if your hungry but not enough for a meal, or you don’t have the means to get one. It’s also nice to keep some extras for a friend in need!
– Always, *always* bring bottled water. Even if the convention has bottled water, it’ll most likely be expensive. With you own bottle, you can even refill it with the water from the fountains of the hotel/convention center.
– For the cosplayers out there: bring replacements for anything that could possibly break. Needles, thread, buttons. You name it, you bring it! Being a Homestuck and being around a bunch of them as well has brought to my attentio that horns can and will snap and that hot glue can do wonders on broken horns. Saftey pins are a must as well, since we don’t want that zipper to stay open for longer than it needs to.
– AGAIN, Bring cash. Things the food truck or the Marketplace/Artist Alley will also be possible places for use.
3. Plan out your events for the weekend.
If your at a convention, you better plan to attend some panels! Take note of the times and days your selected panels will be on, or just print out the schedule and make some clear identifying marks! Creating alarms on your phone are also a great way to make sure you’ll get a great seat in time. Same thing goes for meetups. Make sure you know when it is and where it it.
4. Be safe.
If your cosplaying and someone asks for a picture, you can always say no. If someone asks you up to their room and you don’t know them, say no. You are allowed to decline offers like these. Please do not forget this!
5. And always have fun!
Conventions are made by the fans, for the fans. So have fun! As long as you aren’t disturbing your fellow con-goers too much.
And these were some tips I’ve been holding onto for awhile. I felt like sharing them with you all! I hope you use them to your advantage. Till next time, have fun!

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