Boku no Hero Academia: Worth The Read

Hello! I am indeed, not dead. This is just a lil’ something I threw together to get myself on a roll!

Recently, it was my birthday! And with birthdays usually come gifts. I got money, so I went on my merry way to the bookstore and nabbed some manga. I will be reviewing these manga!

First up, we have:

Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academy – Book 1


Let me just say it took me 15 minutes to actually find the books because I was assuming it would be under “Boku no Hero Academia”, but then I remembered we were in America and we don’t usually use Romaji.

I found out about this series through an accident, actually. I was trying to get a feed together, so when G+ came up with a list of people to follow, I scanned through it a little and pressed ‘Follow All’. Meaning I followed more Fairy Tail accounts than I wanted to, and a singular Midoriya account.

The posts from this account piqued my interests, so I set out to find the series in book form.

I was not disappointed.

2016-04-11 (1)

Boku no Hero Academia, or My Hero Academia/Academy (depending on what you prefer) is a manga serialized by Shonen Jump. It’s main character is Midoriya Izuku, who lives in a world where superpowers are the norm. But he’s part of the 20% born without this evolutionary breakthrough. The manga follows his life as the abnormal ‘normal’ person of his class.

The “American Comic Book” aesthetic really got me hooked. It’s so cool! On the front cover, they have the little box in the top left corner that holds the picture of a character, the publisher and the issue number, like an American comic and that’s kinda comforting in a way, because hey. It’s something I see often. Also, on the back cover is a fake ad for hair products featuring a hero from the book and a comic book styled summary of the book which is admittedly a really nice touch.

The fact they break the 4th wall about 3 times in the first chapter is cool, too. Like the fact Midoriya points out that All Might is drawn in a completely different style (which resembles the style of classic American superheroes) than the rest of the characters.

Now, let me just point out how much of a precious child Midoriya is and why I love him so much after only reading so little: he followed his dream, even after years of mocking and bullying, and knowing full well that he could probably never even fulfill this aspiration of his.

This level of perseverance is something lots of people should learn to have.

I don’t regret buying this, and would recommend this to lots of people.

Again, I would love if you would share this and show your support! Thank you.

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