Cosplay Tips For Everyone

With Summer officially in full swing, that means convention time is right around the corner! And with conventions, cosplay usually comes along with it.

I myself will be going to a convention soon, and will be participating in the Cosplay festivities. All thanks to my mother’s wonderful dresses she made me for my Fran Bow and Morgiana cosplays, of course. And so for those of you thinking about cosplaying at your next convention, here are some tips to follow! I strongly suggest to follow these, especially if you’re new to the art of costume play.

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Magi: Simply Enchanting

Magi is quite simply, enchanting! The manga first caught my eye while looking for One Punch.

In all honesty, I’ve already seen all the anime already! I enjoyed it a lot, so it’s probably in my top 10 list. Morgiana is my favorite.

Anyway, back to the actual review.

I’ve decided to read the manga that was the basis for the awesome anime, so here are my thoughts onĀ Magi: Book One!

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Top 5 HS Stereotypes That I Feel Are WRONG

As you know, almost every fandom has stereotypes about characters and can sometimes become how the fandom views a character. It turns out, Homestuck had a lot more of these characters than I thought it did. And I thought, why not blog about it? So, here are my Top 5 Characters I feel were ruined because of their stereotype.

All opinions are mine. These are in no particular order.

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